Pre Conference Courses

  • Sunday May 3, 2020
    8:30 AM  Welcome and Introductions
    8:45 AM PGT in 2020 and Beyond
    Gary Harton
    9:15 AM Transfer of Mosaic Embryos-Lessons Learned So Far
    Manuel Viotti
    9:45 AM PGT-M using Target Sequence Enrichment, Development and Application
    Merve Aydin
    10:15 AM Coffee break
    10:30 AM Oral Presentations Selected from PGDIS Poster Abstracts-Early Career Researchers, Novel Approaches, New Technology
    11:50 PM

    Non-invasive PGT-A:  Where we are and where we are going


    12:20 PM What Can We Learn in IVF/PGT from Animal Models
    Darren Griffin
    12:50 PM Panel of Speakers/Questions
    All invited speakers
    1:00 PM Conclusions
  • Choosing the right solution in a dynamic landscape:
    preimplantation genetic testing to fit your needs

    With the current increase in demand for more informative approaches to monitor Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) outcomes, preimplantation genetic testing has experienced rapid growth and adoption since the first successful IVF delivery in the late 1970s. As the field grows and matures, advances in genetic technologies such as microarrays and NGS have paved the way to date. In a clinical environment, it is important to ensure that the right technology addresses that particular PGT testing need. Full understanding of platform performance is key to select the best path from sample to results, maximizing resource use and minimizing time to results.

    During our workshop, we will discuss how Agilent’s portfolio empowers you to choose the solution that fits your needs, and why we strive to be the partner of choice for your PGT journey.

  • Coming son
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